Rehabilitation services

In rehabilitation services, we tailor care plans to treat a wide range of conditions that impact your physical and cognitive function. Whether you or your loved one has sustained disabilities, impairments or limitations, we can help make life easier. Welia Health rehabilitation therapists work collaboratively with your provider to help you restore and maintain maximum physical and cognitive function for you to achieve your goals.

Rehabilitation services

Members of Welia Health Rehab Services team, all forming the shape of hearts with their hands
The Welia Health Rehabilitation Services team is excited to welcome back patients. Learn more about new policies and procedures.

Meet our rehabilitation providers

To learn more, call Rehabilitation Services at 320.225.3356 or schedule an appointment using MyChart.

Many of our services do not require a referral. If a referral is required, we’ll ask you to speak with your primary care provider and/or check with your insurance carrier.