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Nov 03 2023
Physical therapist working with a patient on his shoulder

Seven reasons you should choose physical therapy

If you are recovering from an injury or managing chronic pain, physical therapy can be an effective treatment option. Physical [...]
Sep 19 2023
Physical therapist working on a man's taped up ankle
Rehabilitation , Sports Medicine

Sprain or strain? What’s the difference?

Ouch! You’ve hurt your ankle. But here’s the thing, is it a sprain or a strain? People often mix up [...]
Jan 12 2023
Close-up of women holding her foot

A guide to plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition that develops when repeated activities put a strain on the plantar fascia, a… [...]
Oct 03 2022
A man holding his hand steady as he reaches for a glass of water
Patient Story , Rehabilitation

Patient with Parkinson’s Disease learns to be “Big” and “Loud”

More than one million people in the United States are living with PD, with approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed each… [...]
Apr 26 2022
Two thermometers, one hot and one cold
Rehabilitation , Sports Medicine

To ice or heat: that is the question

Next time you turn an ankle, tweak your back or pull a muscle, will you reach for the heating pad… [...]
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