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Sports Medicine

Apr 15 2024
Close up of an individual wrapping their toes with athletic tape
Orthopedics , Rehabilitation , Sports Medicine

Turf toe troubles: A painful lesson in sports injuries

Welcome to this turf toe tutorial, where we’ll look at the basics of this pesky foot injury. Despite its playful [...]
Sep 19 2023
Physical therapist working on a man's taped up ankle
Rehabilitation , Sports Medicine

Sprain or strain? What’s the difference?

Ouch! You’ve hurt your ankle. But here’s the thing, is it a sprain or a strain? People often mix up [...]
Apr 26 2022
Two thermometers, one hot and one cold
Rehabilitation , Sports Medicine

To ice or heat: that is the question

Next time you turn an ankle, tweak your back or pull a muscle, will you reach for the heating pad… [...]
Nov 26 2019
Male athlete working out
Sports Medicine

What is sports medicine?

When you injure yourself during exercise or while playing a sport, you want to get back to your routine as… [...]
Sep 24 2019
Concussion and bandaged brain
Sports Medicine

How can concussions in youth sports be prevented?

Concussions in youth sports are increasingly considered a public health crisis. Learn about initiatives aimed at prevention. [...]
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Sports Medicine

Treating sports injuries for athletes of all ages, sports and levels of competition.
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