The Paquin family from Mora.


The health perks of gratitude

Too often in today’s fast-paced world, we don’t slow down enough to say thank you. But we should. Besides being a nice thing to do, expressing gratitude has proven health perks, according to a vast body of research.

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Couple staring at their phones.

Family Medicine

Technology trap: Why it matters and how to break free

Technology permeates our society today so there’s really no escaping its use. But most of us can better manage our technology habits. Here’s how.

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Male athlete working out

Sports Medicine

What is sports medicine?

When you injure yourself during exercise or while playing a sport, you want to get back to your routine as soon as you can. Sports medicine doctors help you do just that.

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Orthopedic surgeon and patient looking at x-ray and artificial hip


Is joint replacement right for me?

Damaged joints can cause pain, limit range of motion, and impact your quality of life. Rehabilitation might help. But in more severe situations, joint replacement might be best.

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Woman holding pink ribbon.

Women's Health

A new dimension in mammography

Conventional mammograms are an effective tool to detect breast cancer and are currently the standard of care. But 3D mammography is proving to be even better.

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Kids playing with parachute

Family Medicine

“5210 Program” and Choose My Plate: Tools to combat childhood obesity

Childhood obesity rates are at an all-time high. Combating it is on us, the adults in a child’s life. Sadly, we’re collectively not doing a great job. Learn about tools to help you do better.

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Teenage student carrying backpack


Back issues for kids? Blame the backpack

There’s a growing concern that kids are developing back, neck and shoulder pain and injury because of heavy backpacks. Here are some suggestions for you and your child to consider.

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Man sleeping at-home sleep study


A sleep study from the comforts of home

When most people think of sleep studies, they imagine a sterile room with wires connected to them. But that’s no longer the case. Learn about at-home sleep studies.

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