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Sep 19 2023
Illustration with two speech bubbles, one Pros and one Cons

Colonoscopy and Cologuard: The pros and cons

Over two decades ago, Katie Couric, anchor of the “Today Show,” shared her own colonoscopy live on morning television. Motivated [...]
Sep 19 2023
Physical therapist working on a man's taped up ankle
Rehabilitation , Sports Medicine

Sprain or strain? What’s the difference?

Ouch! You’ve hurt your ankle. But here’s the thing, is it a sprain or a strain? People often mix up [...]
Sep 19 2023
Illustration of a red first aid kit
Emergency , Pharmacy

Essentials items to include in your first aid kit

A well-stocked first aid kit can be the difference between life and death in an emergency. Whether at home, in [...]
Sep 19 2023
Mother breastfeeding her baby
Birth Center

Five breastfeeding positions every new mom should know

For new mothers, breastfeeding can be both an overwhelming and incredible experience. With the bond that it creates between you [...]
Sep 19 2023
Split screen of younger woman on the left and older woman on the right
Family Medicine

The secrets to aging gracefully

Aging is a sensitive topic. It can be difficult to face the fact that we are no longer as spry [...]
Aug 24 2023
Illustration of different colored foods in a green container that has dividers.

Now trending – Tackle Box Charcuterie (aka Snackle Boxes)

Enjoy this creative and kid-friendly spin on the traditional charcuterie board that is often served at parties and gatherings. Instead [...]
Aug 03 2023
Illustration of a bowl filled with vegetables
Nutrition , Wellness

The Blue Zone Diet—Eating for a long and healthy life!

What is the Blue Zones Diet? The Blue Zones Diet is an eating plan that emulates the dietary habits of [...]
Jul 31 2023
Banana oatmeal cookies
Nutrition , Wellness

Blue Zone-approved summer recipes

Banana Oatmeal Cookies Yield: 12 servings Ingredients 2 cups old-fashioned oats 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 ½ [...]
Jul 21 2023
Illustration of a young women resting and imagining a peaceful nature scene

Time out! 5 breathing exercises to keep you grounded

We take thousands of breaths a day without a thought, but did you know there are actual health benefits to [...]
Jul 17 2023
Extreme close-up of an eye
Eye Care

Ortho-K for vision correction

Five reasons to consider Ortho-K for vision correction Orthokeratology (pronounced here), or the more easily pronounced Ortho-K, is a non-surgical [...]
Jul 17 2023
Closeup of lots of sliced watermelon

Hydrate your way through summer

Hydrate your way through summer: Top 20 foods to beat the heat The summer heat is on! With hot temperatures [...]
Jul 17 2023
Female standing and paddling on a paddleboard in the middle of a lake

The benefits of paddleboarding

The many health (and mental health) benefits of paddleboarding People are paddling their way to better health and well-being all [...]
Jul 17 2023
Pregnant woman sitting on couch on her phone
Birth Center

Group B Strep

Group B Strep Don’t let this sneaky bug crash your baby party! When preparing for the arrival of a baby, [...]
Jul 07 2023
Illustration of many bottles of cooking oils

Healthy cooking

What you should know about sodium, fats and sugar We all know we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, [...]
Jun 22 2023
Illustration of summertime activities including food truck, a mother with a baby stoller, a boy with a balloon, and trees in the background
Community , Wellness

Get out there! Local outdoor adventures

We asked our Welia Health staff to tell us their favorite outdoor things to do in the summer. Below you’ll [...]
Jun 16 2023
BBQ sauce in jar bowl with basting brush

Grilling season’s best-kept secret: A healthier BBQ sauce

Summer means grilling season, and when we think of grilling, we often think of delicious, finger-licking BBQ sauce. However, many [...]
Jun 16 2023
Child drinking water on the beach on summer

Top 10 tips for summer safety

Minnesota summers fly by, so it’s important to make the most of every warm, sunny day. Unfortunately, this season also [...]
Jun 16 2023
Woman in her kitchen making salad

Prediabetes? Six ways a dietician can help

Prediabetes is a very common medical condition affecting around 96 million American adults, that’s one in every three people. In [...]
Jun 16 2023
Woman lying down and holding her midsection in pain
Women's Health

Managing painful periods: Your guide to relief

Painful periods affect more than half of all women. As a common condition that occurs during their reproductive years, it’s [...]
Jun 16 2023
Baby lying on back in a crib
Birth Center

Seven tips for getting your baby to sleep

Having a newborn baby can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. One of the biggest challenges for most new parents [...]
Jun 16 2023
Distraught young female looking at bathroom scale
Mental Health

An overview of eating disorders

Developing a healthy approach to eating is critical for your overall health and well-being. Too much focus on food, body [...]
Jun 16 2023
Man putting eye drops in his eyes
Eye Care

Everything you need to know about dry eye

The feeling of dryness or grittiness in your eyes can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. According to the American Academy of [...]
Jun 13 2023
Discussing joint surgery with patient

The lead-up and follow-up to joint surgery

The context of joint replacement When planning for joint replacement surgery, it’s easy to focus on the “surgery” part—but what [...]
Jun 09 2023
Illustration of a women holding a pen and writing in a journal with a heart above her head and whimsical plant in the background plan

Why journaling is good for you

Discover the mental health benefits of personal writing! Journaling is a fantastic tool that can help improve your mental health [...]
Apr 17 2023
Patient discussing joint pain with specialist

If you’ve put off joint surgery, let’s talk.

It’s easy to procrastinate on decisions in life that feel major. Joint surgery certainly falls into that category. Many people [...]
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