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Mar 14 2023
Young child sound asleep in bed
Family Medicine , Parenting

Sleep recommendations for kids

Sleep and exercise might be opposite activities, but they’re the same in one important way: getting the recommended amount leads [...]
Oct 03 2022
A adolescent girl staring at her phone
Family Medicine , Mental Health , Parenting

Instagram and girls—Negative effects and ways to temper them

What parents have long suspected, clear and comprehensive research confirms. Social media is taking a toll on adolescent girls. Learn… [...]
Apr 26 2022
Two kids learning about vegetables in the kitchen

How can I involve my kids in cooking?

Cooking as a parent is challenging whether you love to cook — or despise it. Regardless of which cooking camp… [...]
Feb 21 2022
Young family dancing in their living room
Parenting , Wellness

5 simple ways to get your family to move more

Sir Isaac Newton would likely sympathize with modern parents. Newton, famous for discovering gravity, also developed three laws of motion. [...]
Feb 21 2022
Young boy wearing glasses at his school desk
Eye Care , Parenting

The first step to learning – healthy eyes

If 80% of classroom learning is visual, then good eyesight and healthy eyes couldn’t be more important for our kids. [...]
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