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Mental Health

Nov 30 2023
Close-up of a female hand in a white sweater holds a blue cup with a sad smiley
Mental Health

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Beyond the winter blues

Are you feeling down during these cold, short fall and winter days? You’re not alone. You may be experiencing Seasonal [...]
Nov 03 2023
Older man smiling at the cat sitting on his shoulder
Mental Health

The purrfect prescription: Health benefits of owning a cat

If you’re a cat person, you’re familiar with the serene calm that envelops you when your cat purrs on your [...]
Jun 16 2023
Distraught young female looking at bathroom scale
Mental Health

An overview of eating disorders

Developing a healthy approach to eating is critical for your overall health and well-being. Too much focus on food, body [...]
Mar 14 2023
Close up of pregnant women holding pills in her hand
Birth Center , Mental Health

Pregnancy and antidepressants

Eating right, taking a prenatal vitamin, exercising regularly, and seeing a Welia Health provider for prenatal care are among the [...]
Feb 01 2023
One smiling balloon among many frowning balloons
Mental Health

Simple ways to boost your mood

Sometimes in the depths of winter, we need an occasional pick-me-up to get us through the long, cold Minnesota days.… [...]
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