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Mental Health

Mar 14 2023
Close up of pregnant women holding pills in her hand
Birth Center , Mental Health

Pregnancy and antidepressants

Eating right, taking a prenatal vitamin, exercising regularly, and seeing a Welia Health provider for prenatal care are among the [...]
Feb 01 2023
One smiling balloon among many frowning balloons
Mental Health

Simple ways to boost your mood

Sometimes in the depths of winter, we need an occasional pick-me-up to get us through the long, cold Minnesota days.… [...]
Jan 12 2023
Two young boys sitting on a couch playing with mobile devices
Mental Health

Kids and technology – how much screen time is too much?

If you’ve ever plopped a child in front of a television tuned to the Cartoon Network, or handed over your… [...]
Dec 12 2022
Young woman feeling tired after packing gifts
Mental Health

Prioritizing your mental health through the holidays

While most of us cherish and look forward to holiday gatherings and everything they entail, this season can be difficult… [...]
Oct 03 2022
A adolescent girl staring at her phone
Family Medicine , Mental Health , Parenting

Instagram and girls—Negative effects and ways to temper them

What parents have long suspected, clear and comprehensive research confirms. Social media is taking a toll on adolescent girls. Learn… [...]
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