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Family Medicine

Mar 18 2024
Man with shingles rash across his back being examined by a doctor
Family Medicine

Shingles: Chickenpox for grownups?

Remember the burning, itchy discomfort of chickenpox from your childhood? The varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox, doesn’t always disappear along [...]
Nov 30 2023
Man hand holding blue ribbon with mustache for supporting 'Movember' to bring awareness to men's health issues
Family Medicine

Spotlight on Men’s Health: Understanding BPH

‘No Shave November’ and ‘Movember‘ have sparked a movement among men to ditch their razors, embrace their facial hair, and [...]
Sep 19 2023
Split screen of younger woman on the left and older woman on the right
Family Medicine

The secrets to aging gracefully

Aging is a sensitive topic. It can be difficult to face the fact that we are no longer as spry [...]
Mar 14 2023
Young child sound asleep in bed
Family Medicine , Parenting

Sleep recommendations for kids

Sleep and exercise might be opposite activities, but they’re the same in one important way: getting the recommended amount leads [...]
Mar 14 2023
Close-up of nurse taking a patient's blood pressure
Family Medicine

When blood pressure is low

Low blood pressure: know the symptoms  Many people have heard of the dangers of high blood pressure or hypertension: stroke, [...]
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