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Eye Care

May 14 2024
Eye Care Center staff
Eye Care

Welia Health Eye Care Center’s enduring story

Committed to your vision, rooted in community The Welia Health Eye Care Center has deep roots in downtown Mora, dating [...]
Feb 05 2024
Dog kissing young girl wearing glasses, almost knocking them off
Eye Care

Four steps to sparkling clean eyeglasses

Wearing glasses can be a hassle sometimes. They get dirty easily, and when the smudges and fingerprints blur your sight, [...]
Nov 03 2023
Optometrist conducting an eye exam
Eye Care

What is an optometrist and when should you see one?

Your vision is precious, and taking care of it should be a priority. Visiting an optometrist can help you maintain [...]
Jul 17 2023
Extreme close-up of an eye
Eye Care

Ortho-K for vision correction

Five reasons to consider Ortho-K for vision correction Orthokeratology (pronounced here), or the more easily pronounced Ortho-K, is a non-surgical [...]
Jun 16 2023
Man putting eye drops in his eyes
Eye Care

Everything you need to know about dry eye

The feeling of dryness or grittiness in your eyes can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. According to the American Academy of [...]
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Eye care center

Full-service optometry care to diagnose, treat and manage eye conditions.
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