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Eye Care

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Oct 03 2022
A man driving at night, blurred lights in the distance
Eye Care

Night blindness and driving at night

Many of us take for granted seeing stars on a clear night or walking into a movie theatre or restaurant… [...]
Jul 01 2022
Man staring at his computer screen in the dark
Eye Care

Reduce blue light exposure to promote eye health

Most people know to protect their eyes and skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays. But the damage caused by blue light… [...]
Feb 21 2022
Young boy wearing glasses at his school desk
Eye Care , Parenting

The first step to learning – healthy eyes

If 80% of classroom learning is visual, then good eyesight and healthy eyes couldn’t be more important for our kids. [...]
Jul 15 2021
Mother and sun at the beach wearing sunglasses and laughing
Eye Care

Save your sight: protect your eyes in the summer

Our eyes, just like our skin, sustain damage with too much time in the sun, unprotected from harmful UV rays.… [...]
Sep 24 2019
New mom looking at her baby, and wearing glasses.
Birth Center , Eye Care

Postpartum eye health – Advice for expectant Moms

We don't often think about how pregnancy can affect the mother-to-be's vision. Learn what expectant moms need to know. [...]
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