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As a leading provider of healthcare services in East-Central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, our hospital and clinics are known for our approach to care. It’s no secret what sets us apart: personalized attention, a wellness focus, and a deep sense of community. All these things are part of our mission to help you live life well.

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Summery Strawberry Salad


From the garden: A summery strawberry salad

It’s too hot to cook, right?  Add this summery strawberry salad to your dinner schedule this week – a favorite of many at Welia Health! Tossed with a honey-cider poppy seed dressing–delish!

Mother and sun at the beach wearing sunglasses and laughing

Eye Care

Save your sight: protect your eyes in the summer

Our eyes, just like our skin, sustain damage with too much time in the sun, unprotected from harmful UV rays. But you won’t experience the effects of the damage — conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration — until decades down the road. Learn how to protect your eye health now.

Close up of women digging in her garden


Pain in your green thumb?

If you love planting flowers or cultivating vegetables — and you have some success at the venture — you likely have a “green thumb.” But if you’re not careful, you could develop a “gardener’s thumb” or de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.

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