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Mar 14 2023
A green shamrock shake topped with whipped cream

Shamrock shake with a healthy twist

This Healthy Shamrock Shake recipe is made with eight nutritious ingredients like avocados, spinach, and Greek yogurt and is ready [...]
Nov 23 2021
Family gathered in the kitchen baking
Recipes , Wellness

Thanksgiving favorites

Just in time for Turkey Day, members of the Welia Health team share some of their favorite recipes—and what they… [...]
Sep 09 2021
a sandwich shaped like an owl on a color plate, along with a glass of milk and bowl of berries
Recipes , Wellness

Can after-school snacks be healthy and easy?

Opening a bag of chips or popcorn after school is easy. So is grabbing a few cookies. But creating homemade,… [...]
Jul 15 2021
summery strawberry salad
Recipes , Wellness

From the garden: A summery strawberry salad

It's too hot to cook, right?  Add this summery strawberry salad to your dinner schedule this week – a favorite… [...]
Jan 14 2021
A bowl of chicken pot pie soup and biscuit
Recipes , Wellness

Celebrate slow cooker month

With the weather turning colder, it's time for warmth and comfort and this slow cooker recipe for chicken pot pie… [...]
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