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Obstetrics And Gynecology Doctors In Central Minnesota

Finding doctors specializing in women’s health in Central Minnesota means looking no further than Welia Health. Welia operates a fully integrated health care network in central Minnesota, offering comprehensive and compassionate care for women at every stage of life. Full Range Of Gynecological Care For Central Minnesota Women Tailored care. Understanding and responding to your specific needs and concerns helps us ensure your optimal health, no matter your age. For young women, we are here to answer all of those questions that can sometimes be embarrassing to ask – questions about cramps, heavy periods, STDs, safe sex and birth control, acne, eating disorders and even self esteem issues. For women thinking about starting a family, we understand both the excitement and anxiety that can come along with that decision. Welia’s OB/GYN physicians can help guide you with our expertise and insight through issues related to infertility, family planning, pre-natal care, common pre-natal symptoms, high-risk pregnancies, post-natal symptoms and breastfeeding.

For Central Minnesota women in the prime of life, a few laugh lines and gray hairs begin to emerge, and some may experience more unexpected changes, including irregular or heavy periods, fibroids, incontinence, weight gain, acne, and mental health concerns. All are normal signs of aging while transitioning to menopause. We will be by your side with routine preventive OB/GYN care including annual exams and mammograms, and provide you with valuable information and help guide you as you make decisions about permanent birth control, lifestyle changes to manage sleep and stress, and any other concerns that present themselves at this stage of your life. For mature women, aging does not have to mean losing your vitality or good health. Our OB/GYN doctors want to help you maintain your good health by addressing issues that come with age. Prolapse, incontinence, osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis and mental health concerns – all can be addressed by Welia providers to help all Central Minnesota women age wonderfully.

Welia’s experienced providers offer a full range of not only obstetrics and gynecological care including annual health maintenance and wellness exams, but also help direct care for women at every stage of life to ensure optimal health. From routine preventive care to diagnosis, treatment and management of acute gynecological conditions, we offer a wide range of expertise.

The Welia network provides unparalleled care in a local clinic convenient for Central Minnesota women. In addition to convenience, Welia’s care is comfortable and private, allowing you to feel confident in speaking comfortably with your doctor. Welia’s Women’s Health Doctors Offer Specialized Care For Central Minnesota Women and Their Families

The Welia network includes providers to meet your healthcare needs and those of your family practitioners, pediatricians, and specialists — including OBGYN doctors providing specialized care for Central Minnesota women. Our obstetric and gynecology providers are committed to providing a high level of care to women of all ages. That includes routine preventative care and screenings, as well as specialty care treatment for the full range of symptoms, conditions and diseases.

To learn more about the OB-GYN services Welia offers call 320-679-1212 or 800-245-5671. You can also e-mail us.

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