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May 14 2024

Welia Health Eye Care Center’s enduring story

May 14, 2024  /   Eye Care  /   4-minute read

Committed to your vision, rooted in community

The Welia Health Eye Care Center has deep roots in downtown Mora, dating back to the 1950s. Initially established by Dr. Keller, who inherited it from his father, the practice thrived under his ownership until he sold it to the Mora Eye Center in 1988.

Troy Mork, OD, born and raised in Mora, returned to his hometown after completing his education, driven by a profound desire to serve his community. Beginning his journey under the new owner, Dr. Mork quickly branched out, partnering with Allina Health in 1998 as an off-site eye care clinic in downtown Mora. In 2011, Welia Health purchased the practice. Dr. Mork’s commitment to excellence attracted patients seeking a wide range of services, from routine eye exams to advanced medical eye management. Over the years, the center expanded its offerings, becoming a full-service eye care destination.

In the fall of 2017, Joe Mork, OD, following in his father’s footsteps, joined the practice, further enhancing the center’s capabilities and expertise. Together, they upheld the tradition of compassionate care and continued to serve the Mora community with dedication.

As Welia Health transitioned out of the formerly known First Light Health System name, so did the Eye Care Center. The transition to the new hospital facility addition in August 2019 marked a new chapter for the Welia Health Eye Care Center. Situated on the Mora campus, the center gained proximity to essential medical services, offering patients quicker access to care and streamlined coordination with other healthcare providers. The move also facilitated technological advancements, enabling the incorporation of cutting-edge tools and diagnostics for enhanced patient outcomes. The move also allowed for on-site surgery available just upstairs in the hospital’s surgery department, which prompted the addition of an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) to the eye care team.

The move to the Mora Hospital location provided extra exam rooms, ancillary and eye pretest rooms, an elaborate dispensary to order and purchase glasses, and more fruitful staffing. Currently, Welia Health Eye Care Center is home to three optometrists: Dr. Troy Mork, Dr. Joe Mork, and Dr. Austin Peterson, also a native of Mora. Welia Health also includes ophthalmologist Joel Nelson, DO, who travels from St. Cloud every other week to perform eye-related surgeries for Welia Health patients.

Over the years, the practice transitioned through various ownerships, each contributing to its growth and evolution to what is now known as the Welia Health Eye Care Center. Once Dr. Keller’s, this practice now stands proudly as an integral part of Welia Health, embodying a long-standing history of exceptional eye care in Mora.

Looking ahead, Welia Health’s Eye Care Center aims to stay at the forefront of eye care technology, continuing to provide exceptional services while embracing innovation. With a focus on treating and managing eye diseases using the latest advancements, the eye care team remains committed to delivering outstanding care to the community it proudly serves.

To schedule an appointment at the Welia Health Eye Care Center in Mora, call 320.679.2020, or log in to MyChart.

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