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Feb 05 2024

Four steps to sparkling clean eyeglasses

February 5, 2024  /   Eye Care  /   3-minute read

Wearing glasses can be a hassle sometimes. They get dirty easily, and when the smudges and fingerprints blur your sight, it can be frustrating. Have you ever wondered if you are cleaning your glasses the right way? Follow these four simple steps and say goodbye to smudges for good.

1. Wash your hands

  • The first step to getting pristine glasses is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. You don’t want oil or dirt from your hands to transfer to your frames or lenses.
  • Avoid using hand sanitizer or lotion before handling your glasses, as these can leave behind residue that may affect the clarity of your lenses.

2. Rinse your glasses with lukewarm water

  • Hold your glasses under the faucet and thoroughly rinse them, making sure to rinse both frames and lenses. Warm water is ideal for removing dust and debris, but be cautious not to use water that is too hot as it may damage any special coatings on your lenses.

3. Wash and rinse your glasses

  • For spotless glasses, all you need is a drop of dishwashing liquid for each lens. Gently rub the dishwashing liquid on both sides of the lenses and across the entire frame using your fingers. Remember to give extra attention to the parts of the glasses that touch your skin, like the nose pads and temples.
  • Using household cleaners or saliva to clean your glasses is a big no-no. Alcohol, acetone or household cleaners such as Windex are not meant for glasses and can strip the protective coating on your lenses, making them more prone to damage in the future. While saliva may seem like an easily accessible solution, it can spread unwanted bacteria around the eyes, which is never desirable.
  • After you’ve washed lenses and frames, give your glasses a thorough rinse with lukewarm water to remove all the soap.
cleaning eyeglasses with microfiber and water

4. Dry your glasses using a microfiber cloth

  • Once you’ve rinsed your glasses with warm water, it’s time to dry them. Always use a soft microfiber cloth to dry your glasses. Never let them air-dry, as this can cause water spots to form on the lenses. Using microfiber will prevent any scratches or damage to your lenses and won’t leave behind any lint or dust. One note – be sure to avoid fabric softeners when washing microfiber to avoid residue they can leave behind.
  • Inspect your work by holding your glasses to the light and checking for debris or smudges.

Cleaning your glasses can be a bit of a chore, but it’s best to keep them in excellent condition and ensure that you can see properly. By following these simple steps, you can guarantee that you are cleaning your glasses correctly and, in turn, extending their lifespan. 

For an alternative, yet effective cleaning solution, consider using a specialized glasses cleaning spray recommended by your optometrist.

If you find that your glasses, which you thought were just dirty, are actually scratched, don’t worry. Stop by the Eye Care Center in Mora with your glasses, and we will see how we can help. Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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