Occupational therapy

The occupational therapists at Welia Health help people recover from injury, accelerate their return to a productive lifestyle; provide support for older adults experiencing changes in their physical and cognitive/thinking skills; and help children with disabilities so they can fully participate in school and social situations.

The Welia occupational therapy team includes services relating to cognitive (rehabilitation after a stroke, those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diagnoses) and pediatric therapy. Each specialty offers a broad scope of practice to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Our occupational therapists provide rehabilitation following a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonian disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), head injuries and other neurological diagnoses.

Types of occupational therapy

  • Orthopedic – musculoskeletal therapy
  • LSVT Big – Parkinson’s disease
  • Neurologic – movement issues for daily living
  • Cognitive
  • Pediatrics
  • Power mobility
  • Vision

Occupational therapy practitioners use a “whole” perspective where the focus is put on the patient and adapting his/her environment and refining skills to fit the person.

Treatment options

  • Assessment, goal setting and outcome evaluation with patient, caregiver and family
  • Cognitive assessments
    • SLUMS – Saint Louis University Mental Status
    • MoCA – Montreal Cognitive Assessment
    • LACL – Large Allen Cognitive Level
    • CPT – Cognitive Performance Test
  • Fall prevention strategies
    • Removing throw rugs, improving lighting, handrail installation, grab bars, wearing non-skid and sensible soled shoes
  • Home or school modification strategies and ideas
  • Equipment to aid in daily function and independence
    • Help with dressing, use of modified eating utensils, etc.
  • Physical rehabilitation for weakness, loss of coordination and limited motion

Visit American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. for more information.

Occupational therapy services are available in Mora, Hinckley and Pine City. To learn more, call Rehabilitation Services at 320.225.3356. A referral may be required for occupational therapy services, please check with your primary care provider and your insurance carrier.

Welia Health’s rehabilitation team offers a wide range of services from sports medicine and athletic training, physical and occupational therapy, specialty care for cardiovascular and respiratory patients, pediatric therapy, hand therapy, speech-language pathology, wound care, and sleep medicine.