Occupational therapy for vision

Occupational therapy (OT) can help with functional vision issues that prescription glasses alone can’t correct. It’s common to experience visual deficits after a concussion, neurological event, or due to vestibular dysfunction. Children with learning difficulties or developmental delays may also face these issues, as well as those with chronic diseases like diabetes. Welia Health’s occupational therapist can help address these challenges.


Common symptoms of visual impairments include:

  • Double, blurred or jumpy vision
  • Difficulty reading
  • Dizziness or motion sensitivity while watching TV or using computers or mobile devices
  • Feeling of overwhelm in busy environments
  • Difficulty with change in visual distance
  • Tunnel vision or loss of central, peripheral or side vision
  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating
  • Eye strain and fatigue

Working with OT specialists

For those experiencing vision impairments, OT treatment encompasses physical, psychological, and social aspects of an individual’s life.  Treatment often incorporates techniques to improve eye movements, visual scanning, and spatial awareness. Our ultimate goal is to enhance daily functioning and improve the overall quality of life for patients with vision impairments.

Collaboration with eye specialists

While many would first consider optometrists or ophthalmologists when vision issues arise, they focus primarily on the clinical aspects of eye diseases and work to provide vision correction with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses or, in some cases, surgery. On the other hand, occupational therapists approach vision impairments more holistically and consider the impact of an individual’s environment and daily activities on their quality of life.

Welia Health’s occupational therapists frequently collaborate with optometrists in the Eye Care Center to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the individual’s unique needs.

Occupational therapy services are available in Mora. To learn more, call Rehabilitation Services at 320.225.3356. A referral may be required for occupational therapy services. Please check with your primary care provider and your insurance carrier.

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