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Sep 09 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Answers: A video series

September 9, 2021  /   Vaccines  /   4-minute read

The team at Welia Health answers your questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines. We encourage you to watch this video series for the answers you deserve.

COVID-19 and the role of vaccines

Dr. Brian Niskanen, Welia Health’s Chief Medical Officer, discusses his perspective on the impact of COVID-19 and the role of vaccines.

The Delta variant

Brent Thompson, PharmD, Pharmacy Director at Welia Health, discusses the Delta variant and COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine safety and side effects

Dr. Ryan Kroschel responds to concerns his patients have shared with him about the COVID-19 vaccine including safety and side effects.

Recommendations for the young, healthy and those who have had COVID-19

Dr. Matthew Allen answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccine that have contributed to hesitancy in getting vaccinated for many.

mRNA technology, fertility and pregnancy

Dr. Katie Kroschel answers questions about the mRNA vaccines and addresses concerns about COVID-19 vaccines related to fertility and pregnancy.

Still have questions? We encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider. Ready to roll up your sleeve? Vaccines are free and availableno appointment requiredat Welia Health clinics and communities pharmacies. Visit WeliaHealth.org/Getting-Vaccinated for details.

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