Pine City Community Pharmacy

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Pine City Community Pharmacy
1425 Main St N
Pine City MN 55063-6026


320.322.5132 | Fax


Temporary Reduction in Hours 
9am–5pm | Mon–Fri
Closed | Sat

In-person prescription pick-up is available with some restrictions, in addition Welia Health offers:

  • Curbside pick-up
  • Mail delivery
  • Door-to-door delivery (limited within Pine City limits)

Pharmacists are available for counseling by phone at 320.322.5141, or electronically through the RxLocal App.

Our friendly pharmacy staff takes pride in improving patient care in the communities we serve. We work closely with your provider to manage your medications and help you meet your healthy living goals. As trusted members of the community, we are able to help answer your medications and health care questions. We fill prescriptions from any provider, including from providers outside of Welia Health.


Meet the pharmacists at this location

  • Dr. Joe Dvorak, Pharm D
  • Dr. Amanda Haas, Pharm D
  • Dr. Aaron Terning, Pharm D
  • Dr. Kirsten Miller, Pharm D

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