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Hospital visitor guide

While you or a loved one is receiving medical care at Welia Health, we want to ensure we care for your needs. Among our amenities for patients and families are:


The dining area offers a variety of food options for our visitors seven days a week.

Menu items include breakfast, soups, sandwiches, a full salad bar, fresh fruits, and desserts. Gluten-free options are available.

  • Breakfast 7am–9am | Daily
  • Lunch 11am–1pm | Daily
  • Dinner 4pm–6pm | Daily
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Room Service

Room service is available for inpatients. Visitors and caregivers may order a meal tray to be delivered to the patient’s room. Ask a member of the staff for available meal selections and pricing.

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Vending machines are on the first floor near the Emergency entrance and near the dining room and the waiting area. Water and ice machines, microwaves and toaster ovens are available 24 hours a day.

Gift shop

Visit Welia Health’s gift shop for a wide variety of trendy gifts, necessities and snack items. Located near Mora hospital’s main entrance, the shop is managed entirely by volunteers, with proceeds funding scholarships and numerous other items needed throughout the hospital and community.

Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.

  • 10am–2pm | Mon–Fri
  • Store hours are subject to change based on volunteer availability
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Due to specific diagnoses and potential allergies, the Welia Health gift shop does not carry fresh flowers or latex balloons. Flowers are available at Bloom Barn Floral, Sticks and Stems Floral and The Flower Box.

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Over the past two years, volunteer hours were significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, totaling 1,650, where 3,000 or more are typically donated. Since 2013, the volunteers at Welia Health have graciously donated more than $73,000 for new equipment and supplies and funded programs within the healthcare facilities.


Maps and parking

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Map of Mora campus

Need a little help getting around our Mora campus? Download a map for your visit. For questions, call us at 320.679.1313, or view our phone directory.

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Parking at Mora campus

Parking is available in the northeast and east lots. Use entrances from Forest Avenue and Highway 65. The emergency entrance and main hospital and clinic entrances are on the facility’s east side.

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At Welia Health, we believe that all parents and family members are welcome at ALL times and are never considered “visitors.”

Brian Niskanen, MD

Welia Health Chief Medical Officer


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Visitors welcome

We invite families, friends, colleagues and neighbors to visit our patients and their families. We believe that loved ones can positively influence their loved one’s recovery, comfort level and length of stay. When loved ones are too far to visit, CaringBridge personal websites can keep them informed.

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Visitor guidelines

We have developed guidelines to protect patients, families, visitors and staff. As a component of the Patient Bill of Rights, we present our visitation policy and procedures upon admission to all patients.

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Hospital FAQs

General information

Waiting areas

To make your waiting more comfortable and convenient, special waiting areas are available for emergency, rehabilitation therapy, imaging/X-ray, ICU, inpatient, OB, and surgery.

Television and Internet

All patient rooms have a television and remote control. Guest access to WiFi is available; please connect to ‘Welia Health Guest Access.’ This is a free, public network. Please speak with a nurse if you need help with the television or the Internet.


Telephones are available to all patients. For local calls (no charge), dial 8, then the local number. For long-distance calls, please ask a nurse for assistance.

Feel free to use cell phones in any area.

Special large-button telephones are available for people with sight impairments, and TTY telephones are available for people with hearing impairments.

Public phones are on the first floor near the main and emergency entrances.

When dialing from a Welia Health telephone, dial only the extension (last four numbers) to reach any person or department in the building.


Mail is delivered to patients during daytime hours. Outgoing letters can be given to a nurse to be mailed. Mail received after discharge will be forwarded to the patient’s home address.

Safekeeping valuables

We urge patients to limit personal belongings to necessary items only. Valuables such as jewelry, money and credit cards should not be kept in patient rooms. Welia Health cannot be responsible for the loss of articles kept in patient rooms. Please check with a nurse to secure valuables.

Lost and found

If you discover you have lost an item, please report it to a nurse. If you or a visitor have lost something in the hospital, please get in touch with a nurse or the information desk. If you have left the hospital, call 320.679.1212.


Welia Health has access to interpreters for several foreign languages and the hearing impaired. Please notify a nurse to request an interpreter.


We ask that you refrain from using or wearing scented products because of respect for our scent-sensitive patients and staff. However, we offer patients essential oils to be used for rest and to manage symptoms such as pain and nausea.

Safety information


Welia Health promotes wellness among its patients, visitors and staff. We are a tobacco-free environment, with tobacco and e-cigarette use prohibited on the grounds, parking lots, or any property owned or leased by Welia Health. Welia Health offers a tobacco cessation program. Check with your provider about options that may be right for you.

Severe weather alerts

Tornado and severe weather watches and warnings are announced over the paging system. If any action is required, nurses will assist patients, and other staff will instruct visitors.

Fire alarms (code red)

For your protection, Welia Health conducts fire and emergency drills regularly. If a drill occurs while you are a patient, please remain in your room and do not be alarmed.

If an actual emergency occurs, please stay calm. The hospital is a fire-resistant building equipped with the latest in safety technology. All staff is trained in safe emergency procedures. Nurses will assist patients. Visitors are encouraged to remain with the patient unless instructed otherwise.

Infection precautions

Staff members often wear gloves, gowns, safety glasses, or face masks when caring for patients. These items are designed to protect patients and staff members from infection. In addition, staff members use proper hand hygiene before and after caring for patients. If you have questions, feel free to talk with the staff member or a nurse.

environmental services (Housekeeping)

Patient rooms will be cleaned daily by a member of our environmental services staff, who will leave a card confirming the room has been cleaned. If you have questions or concerns, please call environmental services at extension 3953, or notify a nurse.


Welia Health provides free, safe and convenient parking for patients and visitors at the front of the building. Please drive slowly and carefully and be watchful for pedestrians. Walk only in designated areas and be aware of motor vehicles.

Electrical appliances

Patient use of personal electrical equipment in the hospital is prohibited except for the following: CPAPs, hair dryers, curling irons, razors, personal computers and battery-operated devices. All such appliances must be checked by Facilities Management, in good operating condition, and free of any damage that could result in an unsafe electrical condition. If you have any questions, please talk with a nurse.


Out of respect for those with latex allergies, latex balloons are not permitted in any Welia Health facility. Mylar balloons are allowed.

Animal visitation

Qualified service animals (specially trained to assist individuals) or therapy animals (as ordered by a licensed independent practitioner) may be allowed to visit on a case-by-case basis as determined by the charge nurse and/or infection control practitioner. Personal pet visitation may be considered in extraordinary circumstances. All animal visitation must be approved in advance.

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