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Welia Health Joins Headwaters High-Value Network to Enhance Rural Healthcare in Minnesota 

June 27, 2024  /   Press Releases  /   1-minute read

Welia Health is pleased to announce its partnership with the Headwaters High-Value Network, a coalition of 19 independent rural hospitals in Minnesota committed to advancing healthcare statewide. This collaboration aims to improve healthcare quality and streamline operations, addressing the unique challenges faced by rural communities such as rising costs and care coordination.

By pooling resources and expertise, Welia Health and other network members can negotiate more effectively with insurers. They are also focusing on innovative, value-based insurance solutions that prioritize quality care, cost-effectiveness, and positive experiences for patients and healthcare providers.

“We are excited to join forces with the Headwaters High-Value Network to strengthen our ability to serve rural communities,” said Randy Ulseth, CEO of Welia Health in Mora and Vice Chair of the Headwaters board. “This collaboration will not only help us enhance care delivery but also ensure that independent hospitals like Welia Health can thrive in an evolving healthcare landscape.”

The Headwaters High-Value Network provides a platform for collaboration among hospitals like Welia Health, fostering initiatives that aim to improve healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction across the state.

“By pooling our resources and expertise, Welia Health and our fellow members are reinforcing our commitment to providing high-quality, accessible healthcare in rural Minnesota,” added Ulseth.

About Welia Health

Welia Health is a leading healthcare provider in Mora, Minnesota, dedicated to delivering exceptional care and improving the health of the communities it serves. Welia Health’s participation in the Headwaters High-Value Network underscores its commitment to innovation and collaboration in rural healthcare. For more information, visit WeliaHealth.org.

About Headwaters

High-Value Network The Headwaters High-Value Network is dedicated to enhancing healthcare access, affordability, and quality in rural communities across Minnesota. Through its clinically integrated network and shared business services, Headwaters empowers independent hospitals to thrive and deliver sustainable healthcare solutions. The network currently comprises 19 hospitals and over 50 clinics. For more information, visit headwatersnetwork.org.

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