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Welia Health’s Summer Internship Program

August 13, 2023  /   Press Releases  /   2-minute read

Empowering the Future of Healthcare

For its tenth year, Welia Health offered summer internships to area students to help bridge the gap between aspiring healthcare professionals and future career opportunities. The program allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience in a healthcare setting while enabling Welia Health to play an active role in fostering the next generation of healthcare leaders and providing a comprehensive exposure to various healthcare departments.

Welia Health participates in The Summer Health Care Internship Program (SHCIP), administered by the Minnesota Hospital Association (on behalf of the Department of Health) where connections between Minnesota’s healthcare institutions and talented students seeking a future in healthcare are fostered.

Eligible students must be in their junior or senior year of high school or be enrolled, not graduated, in a two- or four-year healthcare degree program. Interns can participate in various healthcare functions, from patient care and administration to specialized departments like radiology, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and more, for six to twelve weeks.

“By providing students like Madison Berglund, Katelynn Beck, Molly Holmgren, Evelyn Krogerson, Cole Herges, Owen Heins, Jerah Nelson, and Will Volk with firsthand experience in healthcare settings, we are nurturing their passion for making a difference in people’s lives,” said Randy Ulseth, CEO at Welia Health. “We believe that exposing these future healthcare leaders to diverse roles and departments will benefit them personally and contribute to the healthcare industry’s growth and development.”

The interns’ enthusiasm and dedication underscore the significance of the Summer Health Care Internship Program. Madison Berglund, majoring in Allied Health Science and minoring in Chemistry, emphasized her passion for patient care. Katelynn Beck, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, highlighted her interest in rehabilitation and occupational therapy. Molly Holmgren’s motivation comes from witnessing the impact of excellent healthcare firsthand, fueling her desire to become a nurse specializing in obstetrics and labor & delivery. These young minds and their peers represent the future of healthcare.

As the program continues to empower students like Madison, Katelynn, Molly, and others, it resonates with Welia Health’s commitment to engaging with its communities and leading change by nurturing healthcare leaders who will shape the future of healthcare delivery.

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