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Infusions and injections

Whether you’re new to infusion services or experienced with the treatment, we’re here for you. Our highly trained and dedicated team will make you feel right at home, close to home. You don’t need to travel far to see us.

We provide intravenous infusions and injections in a safe, comfortable environment. Our nurses will communicate regularly with your provider throughout the course of your treatment, regardless of where you receive your primary care. We invite your family and friends to join you in the infusion room to keep you company. We also have books, magazines, TV and refreshments available during your appointment.

Explore Infusions and injections

Blood product transfusionsFluid replacement therapyInfusions/injections to treat iron deficiencies and anemiaInfusions to treat Crohn’s diseaseInjections including subcutaneous, intravenous and intramuscularInjections to treat Rh factors related to pregnancyInstruction on self-injection for specific medicationsIV Care, port and PICC LinesOsteoporosis treatmentRheumatoid arthritis medicationsTherapeutic infusions of antibiotics and electrolytesTherapeutic phlebotomiesTreatment for deficiencies related to our immune system and/or nervous system
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Where we provide Infusions and injections

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Mora Hospital

301 Highway 65 S
Mora MN 55051-1899

Full service critical access hospital

24 hours/7 days a week

Dial 911 for medical emergencies

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