Receiving chemotherapy is a difficult enough without adding the stress and worry of traveling for treatment. Here at Welia Health, we provide you the care you need, close to home.

With us, you receive great treatment with less time away from your family and friends, work and your life. We accept treatment orders from all Minnesota Oncologists, regardless of where you receive your primary care.

Chemotherapy services

  • Chemotherapy administration and education
  • Chemotherapy pump disconnects
  • Dietary consults with a Registered Dietitian
  • Administration of fluid replacements and anti-nausea medications
  • Instruction on self-injection
  • Port-a-cath care
  • Symptom support and management

To learn more about our outpatient chemotherapy services, please call 1.800.245.5671 or 320.225.3637.

Due to the nature of these appointments, many medications are delivered and administered on a strict schedule. If you have a scheduling conflict, please notify us right away at 1.800.245.5671 or 320.225.3637.