Cardiology appointments via TELEHEART provided by Minneapolis Heart Institute®

Thanks to TeleHeart, you can see a cardiologist from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® without actually traveling to Minneapolis.

TeleHeart is cardiology care in real time, right at our Pine City clinic. Using technology similar to Skype, you can have a face-to-face interaction with a cardiologist from the Minneapolis Heart Institute, while a care provider facilitates the appointment from Welia Health.

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What to Expect

Before or during your TeleHeart visit, you may need a heart ultrasound (echocardiogram) and EKG. These non-invasive tests are generally painless and we can conduct them right here in the Welia’s Pine City clinic. You may also need a blood draw. Your cardiologist will have all of your results when they meet with you via TeleHeart.

During your scheduled appointment, someone from our nursing staff will check your vital signs, review your medications and discuss any heart-health concerns you may have. Then, the nurse will connect with the cardiologist over the video-to-video TeleHeart technology and remain with you during the entire appointment.

Your cardiologist has access to your radiology, labs and previous medical history through your medical record, just as if they were in the room. You’ll be able to see and talk to the cardiologist right there, in real time; it’s just like a regular office visit.

The cardiologist will then recommend next steps in your treatment, making sure you clearly understand the care plan, including any further testing and medication additions or adjustments. As always, your cardiologist partners with your primary care provider and care team to give you the best care possible.

Make an Appointment

TeleHeart appointments are only available at our Pine City clinic. If you think you may benefit from this type of appointment, contact your primary care provider or cardiologist, as well as your insurance company about charges and coverage for this type of service.