Patient experience

Thank you for choosing Welia Health for your healthcare.

Welia has recently changed how we deliver patient experience surveys. Surveys will now be conducted by phone or email, making the process easier for patients and more environmentally friendly.

You may be selected to participate in a patient experience survey. If you are selected, you will receive a phone call or email with a survey link from Professional Research Consultants (PRC), a trusted Welia Health partner.

When and how will I be contacted?

If you are chosen to participate, PRC will contact you via phone or email within a short time following your visit.

Does my private medical information leave the facility?

Rest assured that your medical records remain confidential. PRC only receives information about how to contact you and the medical services you utilized. No other personal information is shared, nor is any information related to the outcomes of a visit made known to our partner.

Am I required to participate in the survey?

Your opinions are important to us. If you can provide us with information on how we can improve our services or which staff member deserves a pat on the back, we would like to know about it. However, you have every right to decline the survey. If you prefer not to be contacted, please inform one of our staff members as soon as possible.


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