Prediabetes education

The Welia Health Prediabetes Education class covers everything you need to know about living healthy with prediabetes symptoms and reducing the risks for type 2 diabetes such as living an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

We designed the class for individuals diagnosed with prediabetes. We hold it two times per year and invite you to attend.

The 2.5-hour class includes:

  • Prediabetes overview
  • What is prediabetes and how is it diagnosed?
  • Making small lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes
  • Risks and prevention of type 2 diabetes
  • Benefits and guidelines of exercise
  • Healthful eating
  • Weight-loss strategies
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Resources, including books and handouts to learn more

There is no charge for this class, and you do not need a referral. Please register in advance so we can ensure that we have enough materials on hand.

Upcoming Classes

Our pre-diabetes classes have been on hiatus due to COVID-19. As we begin scheduling them over the next weeks and months, be sure to check back for updates.