Grantsburg, WI, Medical Care Offered By Welia Health

Grantsburg, WI residents looking for quality medical care find it with the Welia Health network, which offers patient-centered care throughout its network of central Minnesota clinics and hospitals in Mora.

Grantsburg, WI, residents can count on Welia Health for a full range of medical services, including urgency services and same-day care, general surgical services, family doctors, OB/GYN care, sports medicine, joint replacement surgery, rehabilitation services, and many specialists that visit our campus every day, virtually eliminating the need to travel to the large city to receive care.

Our doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff are in a unique position to understand the healthcare needs of central Minnesota residents because Welia Health employees are your friends and neighbors who live and work in the region.

Clinic Network Offers Grantsburg, WI, Family Practice Doctors

Being a wellness leader in the region means Welia Health works hard to build relationships and trust with patients, and we bring that ethic to Grantsburg, WI. Our family practice services offer the full range of basic medical care for children, teens, and adults in a convenient clinic setting.

This allows our doctors and clinic staff to become familiar with the unique medical needs of your family members and serve them throughout their entire life.

Welia Network Includes Regional Hospital Serving Grantsburg, WI

The Welia Health care clinic network includes a full-service hospital in Mora that serves the entire central Minnesota region, including Grantsburg, WI.

Our clinic physicians have a full understanding of the full range of specialty and support services offered at the hospital, ensuring a quick connection for Grantsburg, WI, patients with those hospital-based services.

Hospital services include an emergency room, surgery suites, a birthing center, outpatient chemotherapy, full lab services, a sleep center, and a growing list of services and programs to serve the health care needs of the region.