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Welia Health purchases new lab analyzers

April 26, 2023  /   Press Releases  /   1-minute read

Updated technology creates more efficient and faster lab results.

Welia Health recently updated three of its analyzers in its laboratory departments at the Mora and Pine City locations.
Lab analyzers perform over 50 different “chemistry” type tests, including tests for vitamins, kidney function, lipids, glucose, and troponin, used to detect heart attacks. Laboratory data influences 60-80% of clinical decisions, making analyzers a crucial part of diagnosing and treating patients. The new analyzers are more efficient, allowing for faster turnaround for while providing lifesaving/changing results.

After extensive research, Welia Health chose the Vitros models from QuidelOrtho. QuidelOrtho (formerly Ortho Clinical Diagnostics) is known for its productivity and functionality, utilizing multi-test capacity and digital readouts that directly impact accuracy and result time.

During installation, laboratory manger Karen Renaud introduced a fun activity to have employees name the analyzers. After tallying the suggestions, the winning names are…
Mora’s two new analyzers are named Bunsen and Beaker, as suggested by Kathy S. from ED support and in Pine City, the new analyzer is named Ignatius, which means “burning” in Latin, as suggested by Sandy Moore, NP.

Welia Health laboratory employees standing between the 2 new lab analyzers at the mora campus, smiling.
Pictured with the 2 new lab analyzers at the Mora campus, lab employees:
Karen, Nikki, Shelly, Vincent, Christine, Liz, Leon and Hanna
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