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Welia Health celebrates February’s Love to Read month

February 1, 2023  /   Press Releases  /   1-minute read

Given the importance of learning to read in third grade, Welia Health speech-language therapists will visit local elementary schools to read to third graders.

This year’s theme: From Readers to Leaders. Welia Health believes in BOOKS!

Recognizing the connection between reading and success – academically and throughout life, Welia Health partners with area schools by reading to third graders. Third grade is a pivotal year as students will transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Celebrating read month began eight years ago, and by the last count, Welia Health has given over ten-thousand books to the children in the communities it serves.

Happy reading from Welia Health!

Find your school’s event date on our calendar. Mora Public School’s date is TBD.

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