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Oncology provider Brenda Fischer, CNP, resigns

December 6, 2022  /   Press Releases  /   0-minute read

Brenda Fischer joined Welia Health as a contracted oncology provider in 2017. For five years, she has been a crucial asset to the cancer care team at Welia Health. After a difficult decision, she announced her last day at Welia Health on Friday, November 25, 2022. Fischer will increase her time at her primary location in Cambridge, Minnesota.

The entire care team, Dr. Ron Halvorson, Dr. Ettore Piroso, Kristin Johnson, Breanna Ruud, Tammy Smith, and nursing and support staff in outpatient services are available to answer questions and help navigate any issues.

Welia Health remains committed to the patients in this area and actively recruiting oncology providers amidst a nationwide shortage of oncologists.

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