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Notice from Welia Health about recruitment fraud

November 3, 2022  /   Press Releases  /   1-minute read

It has come to our attention that an individual or individuals are acting as a Welia Health recruiter offering fictitious job opportunities and interviews through the Ring Central app for a “Data Entry” position with Welia Health. The job posting appears to be coming through LinkedIn using the email account @weliahealths (with an “s” at the end).

These emails are not from a Welia Health representative.

Best practices to help keep your information safe:

• Never give out personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, insurance information, mother’s maiden name, passwords, or other key identifiers to suspicious callers or email inquiries.
• Verify the sender’s email. If you receive a message from Welia Health, it will come from @Welia.org or @WeliaHealth.org, or mail@healthcaresource.com.
• Look for grammatical or spelling errors.
• Do not open attachments or click on hyperlinks or websites within suspicious emails.
• Verify open positions at Welia Health here: https://www.weliahealth.org/join-our-team/
• Welia Health does not currently use LinkedIn to communicate with candidates.
• Visit LinkedIn and Learn more about protecting yourself from fraudulent messages.

We are working with the appropriate entities in an attempt to terminate it. As more information becomes available, look for new updates on our website and LinkedIn.

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