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COVID-19 updates-testing, medications, quarantine and isolation guidelines

January 25, 2022  /   Coronavirus, Press Releases  /   2-minute read

Please read through the important updates regarding testing, medications, quarantine and isolation guidelines. We appreciate our patients and communities who continue to remain flexible and understanding as case counts rise in our communities.


If you have mild – to – moderate COVID-like symptoms, review testing options by using at-home tests, community testing sites or by contacting your primary care provider.

To help support our healthcare workers, their families and communities, we strongly urge you to wear a mask, get vaccinated [link], and stay home if you’re feeling ill. Patients should not seek routine COVID-19 testing in the ER and should only go to the ER if they have an emergency. Welia Health will not be performing rapid COVID-19 testing in the ED or Urgency Center unless the patient is expected to be admitted into the hospital.

Inclement weather and scheduled curbside testing change

Signage will be posted during times of inclement weather and patients will be asked to park curbside and enter the building for testing.

COVID-19 therapies

Welia Health now offers several medical therapies for people who have tested positive for COVID-19. The use of these medications is prioritized based on those who are most at risk of severe COVID-19 complications.

If you test positive for COVID-19 and are interested in receiving COVID-19 medications, please call 320.679.1313 to speak to a Welia Health nurse. Your eligibility will be determined by your M-MASS score. The medications may not be appropriate for all individuals and are being issued under the Emergency Use Authorization.

Quarantine and Isolation

New guidance from the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health was issued about quarantine and isolation.

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