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Beware of potential phone scam

November 3, 2021  /   Press Releases  /   2-minute read

Welia Health has recently been notified that our primary clinic number, 320.679.1313, has been used in a potential Medicare phone scam. This number was ‘spoofed’ and some patients have been asked for their Medicare number or been pressured to purchase medical equipment that you or your doctor have not authorized.

Disguising an unknown phone number with a known number, called spoofing, increases the likelihood of answering the call. Spoofing is illegal and the intent is to harm you or your reputation by stealing your personal information for fraudulent purposes. In this case, when asking for a patient’s Medicare number, the caller is committing Medicare fraud.

Important note: Any call originating from Welia Health will always show on caller ID as 320.225.3560. If someone calls you from ANY other number claiming to represent Welia Health, it is a scam and you should hang up.

Be sure you receive valid calls from Welia Health

Welia Health also has had several patients inform us that our caller ID number, 320.225.3560, is being flagged as potential spam by their cell phone providers. This is a function of a phone app or your carrier attempting to protect you. Unfortunately, there is nothing Welia Health can do to change this; however, you can. Just add 320.225.3560 to your contact list as a verified number.

What can you do to help safeguard yourself?

  1. Watch this video from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) explaining what to do about spoofing. If you’ve been a victim of a spoofing scam, file a complaint.
  1. Never give out personal information such as account numbers, social security numbers, insurance information, mother’s maiden name, passwords, or other key identifiers to unexpected calls.
  2. Register on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Calls from Welia Health

If you receive a call from Welia Health representative, they will attempt to leave a message. We will not leave a message if:

  • the voicemail does not belong to the patient
  • a voicemail option is not available

If we are still unsuccessful, you should expect a letter in the mail.

Calls to Welia Health

When calling Welia Health, we help identify you by:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth

Please be sure your information is up to date in your medical record or sign up for MyChart. Secure medical messages can be sent to and from your provider through MyChart, reducing the chances of being affected by phone numbers and caller ID spoofing scams.

Addtional assistance

Many cell phone carriers offer assistance and support for their customers related to call spamming and spoofing. Check with your wireless carrier for additional assistance.

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