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Notice from Danielle Bergman, MD, Family Medicine physician at Welia Health

June 17, 2021  /   Press Releases  /   1-minute read

Danielle Bergman, MD, a Family Medicine physician at Welia Health, has announced she will leave her clinical practice as of September 2, 2021, as she and her family will be relocating to Texas later this year.

Danielle Bergman
Danielle Bergman, MD, Family Medicine physician at Welia Health

“With this move, I have decided to try something different with my career and explore locum tenens (temporary work) as a hospitalist, allowing me to experience providing care in a variety of settings while providing respite for other physicians.”

Dr. Bergman started at Welia Health 12 years ago, and in that time, has cared for an untold number of patients, including inpatient, emergency and clinic patients.

“I’ve so enjoyed my time at Welia Health,” noted Dr. Bergman. “Serving this community has been a joy.” Over the next several months, patients and colleagues may spot Dr. Bergman in the Emergency Department or on the inpatient floor as she may pick up an occasional shift.

Welia Health will send a letter to Dr. Bergman’s patients in the upcoming days to notify them of her decision and recommend primary care providers for ongoing care.

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