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Visitor Guidelines Changed

January 8, 2021  /   Coronavirus, Press Releases  /   2-minute read

Important Update

Due to the continued rise of COVID-19 positive cases in our communities, Welia Health has made the following changes to its visitor policy.

Visitors restricted

Visitors to the hospital, emergency department, or any outpatient service area (rehab, clinic, imaging, chemotherapy, infusion, etc.) will not be allowed at this time.


Exceptions include any adult/caregiver:

  • accompanying a minor child to an appointment
  • accompanying a minor child to a well-child visit (1 adult or caregiver per child)
  • accompanying a vulnerable adult
  • accompanying a patient with cognitive issues or for medical specific reasons
  • accompanying a pregnant woman for a pre-natal appointment
  • accompanying a pregnant woman in labor
  • who has a family member who is critically ill or dying


Children under 18 will not be allowed to visit patients in the hospital, emergency department, or any outpatient service area. Please do not bring children to scheduled appointments.


Any adult/caregiver entering our facilities will be screened and must remain masked.

If any of the following apply, those individuals will not be allowed to visit.

  • Anyone with a fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms
  • Anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19
  • Anyone waiting a result from a COVID-19 test

Any other extenuating situations will be evaluated by the charge nurse or department leader.

Safe communications

We encourage the utilization of FaceTime, phone calls, and other methods to communicate with your loved one.

At Welia Health, we understand this may be a challenging time for your hospitalized loved one. The decision, however, allows us to help keep our patients, staff, and communities protected.

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