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Welia Health has Dedicated COVID-19 Virtual Team

May 19, 2020  /   Coronavirus, Press Releases  /   1-minute read

Caring for patients with positive COVID-19 results

Like so many, you may be anxious about testing positive for COVID-19. If you do test positive, even if you develop significant symptoms, you may not require hospitalization. Rest assured, you will not be alone.

Welia Health is prepared to help you through it. Our dedicated team provides virtual care for COVID-19 patients recovering from home. During frequent follow-ups, we will assess your breathing and oxygen levels, and closely monitor your condition.

A doctor smiling able to provide virtual visits to patients recovering at home with COVID-19
Meet Dr. Jessica Olen, one of Welia Health’s providers conducting COVID-19 Virtual Care Visits. She answers questions, addresses concerns, and helps patients recover at home.

Should your symptoms become severe, our hospital-based team is standing ready to care for you.

To ensure public safety, recovering from COVID-19 requires an extended period of isolation. Our team can help you plan to manage this time separated from loved ones and away from work while, and address their questions too.

You are not alone. We’re in this together.

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