Your Welia Health Update: May 5, 2021

Meet Lydia, part of Welia Health’s own baby boom

Close-up of an newborn baby's feet next to colorful pink and purple flowers

Welia Health recently broke its own record of the number of babies born in one month. The new record is 26! Meet one of the adorable new boomers and her family.

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Get the most from your visit

Being prepared and knowing what to expect from your next doctor’s appointment can help you get the most from your visit.

Consider these simple steps »

Colonoscopy myths dispelled

While it may not be the stuff of urban legends, plenty of myths circulate whenever the subject of colonoscopies comes up.

Get the facts. Then get screened »

Cancer screenings for women

Most women recognize the importance of regular mammograms, but these four gynecologic screenings are equally important for early cancer detection.

Learn more. Prevent cancer. »

Mental health resources

At a time when our mental health has been tested by the anxiety and fear brought about by a global pandemic, it’s time to care for our mental health.

See what resources are available »

Say goodbye to allergies

Ever feel like over-the-counter medications just don’t cut it when it comes to your allergies? Getting to the source of the problem versus constantly battling symptoms could make the difference.

Learn about allergy drops »

Vaccine clinic tomorrow!

Welia Health and Kanabec County Community Health have scheduled a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Thursday, May 6 from 2pm–5:30pm. Everyone 16 years and older is eligible. Roll up your sleeves!

Schedule your vaccination »

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