Welia Health Update: October 4, 2022

Instagram and girls—more harm than good

Teenage girl looking at social media on her phone

What parents have long suspected, research confirms. Social media is taking a toll on adolescent girls. This is a must-read article for anyone with kids—or a social media account.

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Man driving at night and blurry traffic lights

Night blindness and driving

Does your vision suffer when the sun sets? Do you worry about driving at night? Learn what causes night blindness and how it can be treated.

Signs, symptoms and treatments »

Tim Johnson, a Parkinson's patient at Welia Health

Parkinson’s—a patient story

Welia Health patient Tim Johnson is one of the one million Americans with Parkinson’s Disease. Read about his journey living “Big” and “Loud.”

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A birthday cake with "53" candles and adults standing in the background.

Our aging bodies

As we age, like it or not, our bodies change. The gray hair and wrinkles are obvious. Other changes may be more subtle but are important for us to understand.

Here’s what you should know »

Welia Health Happenings

New Hours at Pine City Urgency Services

New, earlier hours! Beginning Monday, October 10, Pine City Urgency Services will be open from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week. No appointment necessary. Walk right in.

Innovative Telehealth Partnership

Welia Health has partnered with Horizon Virtual to implement a unique telehealth program to support overnight inpatient care with internal medicine providers. The partnership addresses physician shortages while supporting a healthy work-life balance for our physicians. Read more.

Welia Health—One of America’s Best Hospitals

Best Hospitals logo

Welia Health has been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Emergency Care by the Women’s Choice Award®, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare. The award signifies that Welia Health is in the top 6 percent of 4,728 U.S. hospitals offering emergency care services.

Mark your calendars

Prediabetes class

Our Prediabetes Education class covers everything you need to know about living healthy with prediabetes symptoms and reducing the risks for type 2 diabetes. See class details and register today.

Parkinson’s Support Group

Our next Parkinson’s Support Group will be held Thursday, October 20, at our Mora campus. Everyone is welcome to attend, including patients, caregivers, family and friends. Registration is free.