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Welia Health is currently seeking two enthusiastic and qualified individuals to join our team. Learn more about the available positions and competitive compensation packages.

Why Welia Health?

You just may be surprised by this community hospital and health system in East Central Minnesota.

“As a physician at Welia Health, I get to meet and treat my neighbors, farmers, teachers, and local hard working citizens. Everyone appreciates each other and they’re all so thankful for the service and care I provide. It makes a rewarding career even more so.”

Clinical excellence and job satisfaction

Our unwavering commitment to the health of the communities we serve is supported by strong medical leadership and experienced, competent administrative staff. Welia Health is highly regarded and often awarded, for the level of care provided to its patients, the innovation of the efficiencies not often associated with rural health care, and employees whose consistent workplace satisfaction is a particular point of pride.

“If you’re looking to be in a rural area and be part of a small town, good luck finding a better hospital. You will not find a better group of people to work with.”

Dr. M. Allen

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Getting bigger and better

Welia Health recently completed the largest expansion in its history, enabling its hospital and clinics to accommodate continued growth in surrounding communities. The $52 million expansion affords Welia Health the opportunity to expand patient services, ensure better security, upgrade technology for the most advanced patient care, and continue to exceed statewide quality goals.

“There’s something special about the people who choose rural healthcare. Our relationships are stronger. There’s more interaction not only in the hallways of the hospital or clinic, but there’s more interaction in our lives. Our kids are in the same classes together, and on the same sporting teams. Our families attend the same church. We get to know each other, our families know each other, and we’re a part of the community.”

Dr. R. Kroschel

Quality of life

Located about an hour north of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and 90 miles from Duluth, Mora is nestled between the great northern forests and a sophisticated and bustling Midwestern urban center. The pristine wilderness of what Minnesotans refer to as “Up North” offers outdoor adventures often on one of our 10,000 lakes, while Minneapolis and St. Paul boast of live theatre, a paradise for foodies, and unmatched professional sports teams whose stadiums are the envy of their competitors!

“I don’t want to sit in traffic every morning and every evening. I want my commute to be through green prairies, pine trees and rolling farmland. I want fresh air and starry nights.”

Dr. R. Gaalswyk

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A dedicated medical staff

Welia Health is proud of its highly trained and dedicated medical staff. Family medicine physicians, emergency physicians, and over 100 specialists, therapists and consulting physicians make up our exceptional medical team and deliver on our long-standing commitment to meeting the medical needs of families from birth to elder care.

“My experience at larger health systems is that many decisions are handed from the top-down, with little opportunity for input or for tailoring my practice to how I see fit. At Welia Health, our leadership is receptive to feedback and they work with me, supporting my efforts to build a successful practice.”

Dr. T. Mullin

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Take a closer look at Welia Health

Welia Health is worth a closer look! We welcome talking to you about the career opportunities available at Welia. Please contact us anytime either by calling 320.225.3316 or emailing Robert Woods, Anesthesia Manager.